Get ready to be blown away as the iconic rock band Mr. Big takes the stage at Rockhal for their last tour on Monday, 15th April 2024! With a career spanning over three decades, Mr. Big has captivated audiences worldwide with their unparalleled musicianship and soul-stirring vocal harmonies. The Legacy of Mr. Big This quartet didn’t just make music; they left their mark on the 90s. At a time when grunge was sweeping the globe, Mr. Big stood as a beacon of resistance. Their hard melodic sound, virtuoso technicality, and Eric Martin’s flamboyant voice make them the brilliant successors to 80s rock. They’ve navigated through changing musical landscapes and even their own separation without losing their passion or modernity. The Multi-Faceted Phoenix Mr. Big is a multi-faceted phoenix. Paul Gilbert on guitar is always ready to dazzle with his stratospherically precise solos. Billy Sheehan, the bass addict, seems as if his fingers are glued to his instrument. The late Pat Torpey slammed his snare drum like no other, and of course, the powerful voice of the iconic Eric Martin.
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par Fnac Spectacles
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