Chase Petra En Concert Au Supersonic (Free Entry)

Chase Petra En Concert Au Supersonic (Free Entry)

jeudi 19 octobre 2023 à 17h00



(Pop punk - Long Beach, USA)

Chase Petra is a band that exists out of necessity. In other words, within this project, making music is not so much a choice as an inherent and inextricable feature of life.

The band is composed of a group of friends that often aim for adjectives like loud, unapologetic, and "sort of a lot." Lately referred to as "an approachable American mess," this band finds their sound sitting somewhere between midwest emo - despite hailing from Long Beach, CA - and early 2000s indie rock and pop punk. Their songs' subject matter runs the gamut, covering issues of social justice (i.e. sexism, classism), personal growing pains, and subjects of a more nefarious nature. Overall, they're just happy to be here.

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